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New Era for Apple - What is Tim's Vision?

Steve Jobs is no longer Apple CEO

This is very sad for every Apple and Steve's fan.

But while it is truly sad and it is hard for me to believe  I wont see any great products imagined and visioned by Steve, let's not dwell on this fact too much.
This fact is about the Old only 50%, it is also 50% about the New.

There are many speculations on the market now.
Mainly, they say: Apple will continue it's way towards innovation (like here):
1) Steve Jobs Steps Down When Pop Culture and the Stock Market Collide
2) Apple Still A Buy Regardless Steve Jobs Departure?

Some say:

While Apple may have great earnings this year, and next year, and for some years after that, it will never be the same.

If you have AAPL stocks or you just love this company and its products: your main question would be - "What is Tim's Vision?"

What are the revolutionary products Tim had in his mind, that will turn the industry upside down again?

Will Tim just sell "Steve's" or he is able to go much further with his own products?

Apple has enough cash ($76B) to support its operations for 30 months.
I think market can give about 12 months to Tim to release something "Tim's".
Extremely new.


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