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What speculations can do with the stock... Jobs resigns - AAPL grows!
While we had negative forecasts for AAPL, the stock still shows bullish trend! It started from $372, then fallen to $368 and now it is going around $371.
Yesterday AAPL closed at $376.

There have been a lot speculations in the Internet about what investors should do.
90% of them were - it is the best moment to buy AAPL now.
It produces the result, we can see now.
During first 2.5 hours of trading stock is trend is up. -> people want to buy AAPL.
The volumes are 2-2.5 times higher than yesterday before closing. -> people want to buy AAPL.

Do you think we could have such trend without all this information noise about "perfect moment to buy" before trading session is open?

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